Ferdinand goes Ruegen

I needed a summer Trip anyways. When Rooftentoldies.de hit me up to do some Social Media content for their new startup, it felt like a blessing. I called my friend and talented Photographer Pascal, if he’s in for a spontanious Roadtrip to do some landscpapes. So we packed up and hit the road.
Cruising throughout Germany with 32 years old VW Golf 2 with a tent on it’s roof and a full blown camping equipment, was one of the most memorable experiences I ever had.

no stress

everything went slow

Just like when I was a Kid.

The German Island of Rügen was our destination. It’s beautiful coastlines and wide open farmlands are such a beauty in the Summer. And the best about everything, we could stay wherever we want. The Tent was made up for the night in about 5 Minutes, we had a table, chairs and a cooking plate. Sleeping next to the shore, with the sound of the sea clashing into it.  Priceless!

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